Long-term shelters for homeless women and their children. Counseling around issues leading to homelessness, etc.; referrals to appropriate programs for job training, GED preparation, drug treatment. (Casa Rita has a special program for substance abusers.) Assistance in obtaining permanent housing.

    Eligibility criteria: pregnant women and/or women with children; must meet New York State/New York City homeless requirements - must be referred by the Emergency Assistance Unit.
    Payments made through Public Assistance.
    Languages (other than English): Spanish.

    Casa Rita
    284 East 161st Street, Bronx, NY 10451
    Contact: Sharon Dorr, Director.
    Has special program for substance abusers.

    Lee Goodwin
    1950 Prospect Avenue, Bronx, NY 10457
    Contact: Audrey Welch, Director.

    Lehman Residence
    2248 Webster Avenue, Bronx, NY 10457
    Contact: Audrey Welch, Acting Director.

    Sojourner Truth House
    2136 Crotona Parkway, Bronx, NY 10460
    Contact: Viodelda HoShing, Program Director.

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